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I'll tell you what's next Mr. Sorrentino...

No, it's not speedos at the supermarket - it's yoga pants made for S.E.X.

Yes, it's true. And let me tell you why.  Because women LOVE yoga pants. Men – (except for you Mr. Sorrentino) – LOVE how we look in them. And both men and women love sex. And yoga pants that are made for sex equal downright fun!

I can only hope that some of the women who marched in front of your house were sporting a pair of these naughty yoga pants. And I have to wonder what you would think about them if your significant other greeted you with them because she wanted to have some fun. Oh wait, that’s right, you would oppose because I assume she is over 20 years old? (or at least I hope she is).


I give kudos to the women who arranged this. For one, they realize your opinion of who should wear what is not really newsworthy. And two, I appreciate a peaceful protest to show that women can wear what they want – regardless of age or weight.

In case you are unaware, today’s women are extremely busy with full time jobs, long commutes, raising kids, being caretakers for their parents, and much more. And believe it or not, we enjoy being comfortable  while doing some of these daily chores.

And you know what else, we might be tired – but we still want to feel sexy, look sexy and have fun. And that Mr. Sorrentino, is a big reason for us women sporting yoga pants – and even ones that we can have sex in when we want to get a little crazy and spice things up.  Because 'OM' isn’t the only thing women need to chant in yoga pants.

So Alan, you thought it was bad enough looking at women over 20 in their yoga pants? Now you can wonder if they just had a fun quickie in their beloved yoga pants. And guess what…you’ll never know!


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