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It’s that time of year – time to make positive changes.  And while some can be difficult, others can and should be fun – like having more sex!

First, let’s look at the health benefits of sex. According to WebMD, there are 10 surprising perks that extend well beyond the bedroom. 

  1. Helps keep your immune system humming
  2. Boosts your libido
  3. Improves women’s bladder control
  4. Lowers your blood pressure     
  5. Counts as exercise
  6. Lowers heart attack risk     
  7. Lessens pain
  8. May make prostate cancer less likely
  9. Improves sleep
  10. Eases stress 

So clearly, if you “do it” more, you’re on the right path to your “Get Healthy” resolution (which according to the data pulled from Google by iQuanti is the most common New Year’s resolution for 2017).


So how do you make this happen?

According to Your Tango, “you should make sexy time a priority. When we are busy sex can get lost in the shuffle, but it’s too good for your relationship, your health, and your mood to skip.”  They also suggest putting some energy into ways to make it exciting again by trying a new position, a new toy, or just a change of venue.

Bustle says that even as you find yourselves falling into a routine, be sure to always make time for sex. “Keep it interesting, try new things, and view comfortableness and compatibility (just not complacency) as a right of passage, not a rut.”

While this sounds easy, the reality is...even what should be a fun and exciting resolution to keep, can be difficult.  With busy schedules, job stress, kids at home, etc.,  there is not always the time to break out new toys, do it on the kitchen table, or even go out for a date night.  And this is one of the reasons why Srirachas® yoga pants were created.  

Srirachas yoga pants have a discreet opening in the crotch.  So when they’re on, you can get it on, and no one would ever know.  How’s that for adding some fun and romance to date night? 

We also like to call them “busy mom lingerie.”  To the kids, mommy is cooking dinner and helping them with homework.  But when daddy sees what yoga pants she’s sporting, kids go to bed early…and adult fun will follow.  Gone are the days where she has to be in traditional lingerie to show him she's ready or some fun.

So now do you see how a pair of pants  - Srirachas yoga pants - can help you stick to your New Year’s resolution?  Go get them on, get it on and get healthy!


Happy New Year!


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