Yoga pants for sex

An easy way to spice things up this holiday

Women love yoga pants. Men love how women look in yoga pants. Women love to feel sexy. Both men and women love sex. It's that simple!

With Srirachas® she can be super hot and super comfortable at the same time. They're a sure way to add a little heat to the relationship. Whether she wears them at home or on a date, no one will know the spicy secret and the fun that will be had.  

Because 'OM' isn’t the only she should chant in her yoga pants.

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"If you thought that yoga pants were already as sexy as they could get, you were dead wrong. Meet Srirachas, yoga pants that'll make your tightest pair of Lululemons look about as alluring as a pair of crocs"

"I recommend grabbing a pair of these as an easy means to making some of your wildest sex fantasies come true."

“For too long, people had to deal with removing one’s pants during sex. But this dilemma has been vanquished, thanks to Srirachas yoga pants.”

Product Features

The secret will only be known to those she wants to know. To everyone else, she's either on her way to a yoga class, or just returning from one. (Unique opening - patent pending)

The wide wasteband smooths the tummy keeping her comfortable and feeling sexy

Fleece lined fabric keeps keeps her cozy and soft on the inside

Smooth rayon makes for a hot and sleek appearance on the outside

Boot cut bottom for the ultimate sexy yoga pant

Hidden pocket inside the waistband for license, credit card, or dare we say... condom


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"Srirachas yoga pants are one of the most clever products I’ve ever come across, and naturally I had to get a pair for the girlfriend, so we could “review” them for you guys. And the verdict? Two thumbs up! (Ahem.. That’s not the only thing that was up. )

Not only did she love the way they fit, but it made her feel like an exhibitionist, walking around town with her naughty “sex pants”, unbeknownst to anyone else.

Overall, we thought Srirachas yoga pants were great, and I would highly recommend them to anyone that’s looking to spice up the relationship."

The kids think mom is all about comfort - Ha.

Here's what our customers are saying

Improved Sex Life

"We both love my Srirachas yoga pants. They have definitely helped our sex life improve."

Monica - new mom to baby boy

Fun Date Nights!

"My husband got these for me as a gift. I have to say, at first I didn't think I would wear them more than once, but I do all the time. I even surprised him and wore them on our last date night."

Jennifer - mom of three