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There once was a day I was taking a relaxing bubble bath in my own apartment. The only disruption was my furry little friend sitting next to the tub waiting for drips of water to play with. Butterflies filled stomach – I was going to see the love of my life the next day. So… legs had to be shaved, bikini line just right, skin smooth etc. I made sure I would look and feel my best.

Fast forward to today. I married that man. Have a full time Job. Three kids. A daily commute of 2 hours. I could go on and on – as we all could. Point is, those relaxing bubble baths are a thing of the past - as is being pampered and prepped for my husband.

But there’s more. Why do men always seem to want to get it on at the wrong time? It’s like they have horny radar when we’re at our absolute worst – hairiest legs, driest skin, bloated stomach, etc.  How about the middle of winter? Um, No thank you…I don’t want to get naked no matter how hot and heavy it will get!

It was these unpleasant scenarios that needed to be addressed in a realistic way. And what better way than a pair of yoga pants with an opening in the crotch.  Who knew it would be so easy to be a sex goddess while sporting a pair of yoga pants.  And let’s not forget that these were designed by a mom who understands the importance of tummy tightening, ass lifting, comfortable pants.

Let me guess – you’re wondering if others will be able to tell you have your ‘sex pants’ on (I like calling them that). The answer is a big - bold font – NO.  The combination of fabric, design and construction keep this secret totally hidden.  They work similar to men briefs, but greatly advanced for women and virtually invisible. 

And because they are yoga pants, I decided to test out some yoga poses. My sex pants stayed closed doing downward-facing dog, big toe pose, and was even a success with a wide-legged forward bend (after googling this all I might actually give yoga a try). So you can probably wear them to a yoga class. However, I might opt for a pair without an opening in the crotch – unless of course, it was someone who I wanted to do some special yoga moves with. And if that’s the case, then ‘OM’ might not be the only thing you’ll be chanting.

So my friends, go get them on and get it on!

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