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Srirachas Yoga Pants
Srirachas Yoga Pants
Srirachas Yoga Pants

Srirachas Yoga Pants

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"Meet Srirachas, yoga pants that'll make your tightest pair of Lululemons look about as alluring as a pair of crocs. If you thought that yoga pants were already as sexy as they could get, you were dead wrong"

Srirachas Yoga Pants

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Spice things up in your home – and out. With Srirachas, she's not limited to sporting her sexy attire in the bedroom. She can wear these yoga pants anywhere and no one will know about this spicy secret and the fun that will be had.

Srirachas enables her to be super comfortable - yet super sexy at the same time. It's a win win!
  • The secret will only be known to those you want to know. To everyone else, you're either on your way to a yoga class, or just returning from one. (Unique opening - patent pending)
  • Wide waistband smooths and flatters your tummy so you look and feel sexy
  • Fleece lined fabric keeps you super cozy and soft on the inside
  • Smooth rayon gives a sexy and sleek appearance on the outside
  • Boot cut bottom for the ultimate sexy yoga pant

Customer Reviews

"We both love my Srirachas yoga pants. They have definitely helped our sex life improve." Karen, Texas


"Fantastically Fun" Matthew, New Mexico

"My husband got these for me as a gift. I have to say, at first I didn't think I would wear them more than once, but I do all the time. I even surprised him and wore them on our last date night." Monica, New York

"10 our of 10" Eric, Washington

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